Meet the Tonezzz Team

Tanya Cruice (A.K.A. TC)
Co-Founder | Director | Design Specialist

Tanya has been working in the design industry for 18 years, renowned for creating innovative product collections and always offering the highest level of customer service.
With her dynamic mindset, daring personality and design style along with attention to detail, the team was able to achieve an authentic and attractive sharp look for the brand.
Tanya seeks to collaborate with both local and International brands and values fostering these relationships.

Dean Morcom (A.K.A. Deano)

Co-Founder | CEO | Product Designer

Dean has over 20 years of experience as a live audio engineer, renowned as a Monitor engineer on the Australian touring circuit. His love has always been sound and this truly shows through his energy and excitement working with an array of successful artists.

With Dean’s technical skills, ability to think on his feet and his passion for sound, he is able to work closely with artists, audio engineers and audiophiles to maximise the sound quality to perfection.