Casey Barnes

"I've been fortunate enough to be using Tonezzz since the launch of the product a few months back and they are BY FAR the best in-ears I've ever used as a live performer. The clarity is amazing, the bottom end is incredible and I literally use them on a daily basis. The other bonus (unlike other companies) is that they're actually affordable so it's a win-win all round!"

- Casey Barnes (Musician)

Image by David Lobwein (@dslphotography_72)


“I’d always had a love-hate relationship with IEM’s. In the past, I’ve struggled to really feel the music and lose myself in the performance because I’ve been too preoccupied trying to hear everything properly, or pushing the earphone back into place. Nothing compares to the Tonezzz ONEz when it comes to quality of sound. It’s so refreshing to be able to hear myself clearly when performing, which is so important not only to sing on pitch, but for the health and preservation of my voice. They are outstanding IEM’s - I can hear every element of the band and track with clarity, and they fit so comfortably I never have to stress about them popping out. Best value for money you’ll find on the market, it’s insane how good these babies are!! Massive thank you to the Tonezzz team for focusing on what professional musicians need when we do what we love most, and delivering a product that goes above and beyond!”

- Emalia (Artist)

Brad Hosking

"The big thing for me with monitoring is always trust. For years, I have never been able to totally trust any tonal, EQ or dynamic changes that I have made on the stage translating to how I want them to be heard, even with IEM’s 4-5 times the price of the ONEz. I’ve always had to wait until I got back in the studio to make critical changes. That was until I started using Tonezzz. I can finally trust EQ decisions from my in-ears translating to FOH which saves hours and helps all facets of playing and building shows. They just sound that damn good! Amazing stuff from Deano and team!"

- Brad Hosking (Musical Director, Guitar/Keys for Amy Shark)

Dan Maher

“As a session and touring musician, I am not only heavily reliant on my IEMs, but also heavily fussy when it comes to my sound. I’m absolutely blown away by my Tonez - not only for their amazing sound quality, but they are also so comfortable that I literally forget that I have them in most of the time. It’s obvious how much knowledge and care has been taken in the design of these incredible pieces. The sound is so clear and perfectly balanced, and the universal fit is completely noise-canceling while remaining comfortable over long periods of time. The best value for money IEM on the market, hands down. Would recommend them to anyone!”

- Dan Maher (Guitarist)

Calvin Pritchard

"I never really took much notice of the sound quality that headphones provided. I was more focused on the volume the headphones dispensed.

What I found when using the Tonezzz Model ONEz in-ears, as opposed to other products I had used, was the quality of sound.

The product provides a clarity of sound I had never experienced from other IEMs. They allow me to hear a song in its entirety without risking damage to my hearing. The little things like this, particularly when producing a song or performing live really do make the difference!

As an artist myself, I found the Tonezzz model ONEz to be super beneficial in allowing me to focus more on hitting every note because I was able to hear myself clearly and in real time even over live or pre-recorded instrumental whilst playing gigs!"

- Calvin Pritchard (Musician)
Image by Charlie Ode (@0dephotography)

James Proctor

"Having tried numerous in ear monitors over the course of my drumming/performing career I finally settled on the ONEz for their exceptional build quality and a driver array that puts other IEM's double the price to shame! The isolation and noise reduction level is something I am also enamored with given I play in a hardcore band where shows and rehearsals can normally reach 100 DB+, so taking care of my hearing is a huge must. Another thing I love is the massive amount of low end the ONEz offer meaning I can hear my kick drum perfectly every single time without it competing with the dynamic range of other instruments on stage!"

- James Proctor (Drummer from Blood On My Hands)

Tony McCall

“A quarter of the price of my older monitors and better in every single way possible ... so happy and relieved to hear mixes with with so much body and clarity ✌️thank you so much “

- Tony McCall (Drummer for Wolfmother/Resin Dogs/Regurgitator/Butterfingers)
Image by Keira McCall (@itsfoxandbear)

Ben Crawford

“Tonezzz are my go to IEMs on all my gigs – they sound great, feel great and give me consistent sound on every stage. The full range response feels natural across the board, but the bass response in particular manages to sound huge yet really detailed at the same time.”

- Ben Crawford (Production Manager & Bass Player for Casey Barnes)
Image by David Lobwein (@dslphotography_72)


"They say a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. Well, my heart must be grateful AF because these are absolutely miraculous! I've recently found myself doing a lot of field recording and mixing, and they've been perfect for both. Comfortable for hours on end, with beautiful sound. An absolute joy to use. "

- Joyride (Artist)

Jade Holland

"I love my new Tonezzz In Ears because for the first time in my life I have been comfortable enough to have both in at the same time and I can hear the work more clearly. The sound from my new Tonezzz is phenomenal and it’s lifted my stage performance immensely now that I am able to accurately hear myself! Love them!"

- Jade Holland (Country Music Artist)

Dj Klasik Aka Big Uce

"I love my Tonezzz they are the most comfortable ears I have ever worn. I have always avoided wearing ears for shows because I always have issues with the ears falling out or just being annoying and then there is the sound by far the best sounding ears I’ve used the balance of lows and highs is so on point and these things boom in your ears with amazing low end I can’t imagine ever doing a show without them."

- DJ Klasik (Artist, Musician & DJ)

Benny Clark

“I have been using IEMs for a long time now professionally but never had the money for top of the line overpriced moulds so I was always stuck with crappy $200 IEMs. When the legends at Tonezzz hit me up I could not believe the sound quality! And for that price it’s unheard of! I’ll never use another IEM ever again!"

- Benny Clark (Drummer, Singer & Songwriter)

Missy Lancaster

"Tonezzz ears are of the highest quality & sound equipment I’ve ever used - having the product be created by someone who understands working with artists and what they require on stage is a huge help to achieving great on stage sound. I also love that fact that the vision was inspired by helping Aussie artists achieve their best quality sound - Team Tonezzz all the way!"

- Missy Lancaster (Singer/Songwriter)

Jess Irvine

"I didn’t know it was possible to love gigging and singing as much as I do now! I have absolutely fallen in love with the Tonezzz Onez. Singing feels like the most magical experience when you can hear yourself so clearly via such high quality audio! As a regularly gigging musician, I am performing as much as up to four times in one week! So it is imperative that I have in-ears that I can rely on to help me deliver high quality performances every time. I don’t think I’d be able to gig as much as I do if it wasn’t for the Tonezzz! My voice used to wear out so quickly before introducing these in-ears to my kit. They have made it possible for me to further my growth as an artist and take on so many more opportunities that I previously would have had to knock back due to fear of vocal fatigue and injury. I couldn’t imagine doing a gig without my Tonezzz now!"

- Jess Irvine (Artist)

Image by Charlie Ode (@0dephotography)

Todd Saunders

"So after 25 years of performing professionally in a monotonous lineup of bands and ensembles, I had always left the stage wishing the sound on stage represented the front of the house, which everyone in the crowd was hearing. At last, I can not just hear what I am playing or the members in the ensembles are playing, I can feel it. The clarity is second to none, the frequencies produced sonically stimulate your musicality and I no longer wish the onstage sound would lift its game.

A huge thank you to the Tonezzz team for finally understanding and creating a product that delivers."

- Todd Saunders (Musician)

Glen Hodgens

"To be pumped up before and during a workout I cant image my life without these Tz ONEz, the sound quality is next level. They literally don't move and they are so comfortable.

Thank-you Deano"

- Glen Hodgens (Owner of Corporate Box Valley)

Ash Grunwald

"Tonez sound Amazing.
I’m enjoying using them at all my gigs!!"

- Ash Grunwald (Musician)


"Tonezzz ONEz are easily the comfiest in ears I have worn! They're nice and light with no sacrifice for sound quality. They have great bass response and nice crisp highs with no distortion even when I crank them up’"

- PON CHO (Music Producer)

Olly Thomas

“It’s the best fold back I’ve ever had in 20+ years of performing live, I wish I had of switched to these a lot earlier on in my career.”

- Olly Thomas (DJ/percussionist for Butterfingers)

Izayah Laurence

“I’ve been using Tonezzz IEM for a year now, not only for my fitness workouts but for live performances. The earpieces fit well in my ears and don’t fall off which is great. The sound quality is so clear and just sounds amazing. Amazing product and amazing owners. I highly recommend!!”

- Izayah Laurence (Singer for The Vibe Band)

Ben Saunders

“These in ear monitors are wicked! The service is second to none and Deano really knows his stuff!”

- Ben Saunders